Make promises you can keep and achieve a brand that sticks.

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Michel Hogan

Michel speaks on the risk to purpose and values of people making the wrong promises.

Where people fall into the gap between a story and the reality of their experience, undermining trust and eroding the brand.


She calls on 30 years spent working alongside organisations big and small to lay bare the ‘brand is design and marketing’ myth and show that WHAT people do leaves a bigger mark than any logo.


Using ideas honed over 500+ articles and two books – Making Money and World Peace and The Unheroic Work. Michel melds trailblazing thinking with a provocative call for people to reimagine their brand as a result.

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People sat up in their seats… Michel’s a fantastic speaker and a wonderful thinker


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Make promises you can keep and achieve a brand that sticks.

Come into a mind-shift where a brand is a result of promises kept through the unheroic work of everyone in the organisation.

Promises which are:

So what the organisation does aligns with what they say. Revealing brand as warehouse for value which accumulates and erodes over time.

Exploring themes of:

There's always a new perspective or twist. The thinking does not end at the event.

Andrew Hume


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